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A comment was posted on one of my previous posts titled

'Audrey Hepburn, A Magazine & My Hair'. 

A reader contacted me, asking me to recreate the way I styled my hair, for her senior prom!
So, this post is dedicated to helping her recreate my interpretation of Audrey Hepburn's classic updo!

This is what you'll need: bobby pins/hair slides, a hair tie, and a hair doughnut in a colour similar to your hair colour!

First, part your hair into a side parting, leaving a 1inch section seperate at the front. Then, you tie your hair up into a ponytail, using the hair tie.

Slide the doughnut (or you can DIY'it using a rolled up sock with the toe section chopped off!), over the ponytail. To give it more height, you can seperate your hair into sections and backcomb it, so when you are tucking it under it has volume!

And for the look I created here, all you have to do is, depending on the length of your hair, either tuck your hair under the doughnut base and pull it out slightly to make it looser, that is if your hair is longer and if it is shorter, you can do the same thing but make sure you secure the shorter ends with bobby pins!

Finally, you take the 1inch section from the front of you face and secure it behind your ear with bobby pins, keeping it tight across your head.

Then it should turn out looking something like this:

There is also another way of creating a similar style but I prefer the other style alot more.
You will need: bobby pins/hair slide and a hair tie.

First, tie your hair up into a bun.

Then, using the bobby pins roll your hair under, as if you are using the doughnut base and secure it with bobby pins. I don't like using this technique as much as it doesn't have the same shape or professionalism as the other method!


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  1. Great tutorial, I've always loved this classic look :)

  2. I am completely obsessed with Audrey and I just love this tutorial! I am going to have to try it out!


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