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My grandmother comes from a small island of the west coast of Ireland, and recently myself and my grandmother attended a reunion for the school she attended as a child. I have posted a picture of what I wore because, the other day, I visited some family friends with my mom, sister and my other grandmother, who happen to own a farm in Northern Ireland. They took us on a tour of their farmland and the views were breathtaking! I have posted a picture of what I wore to the reunion because I thought it was very farm-chic! 

My outfit:

The farm animals:

The views:


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  1. Those views are gorgeous! My boyfriends family are Irish and I've always wanted to go down to visit his relatives.

    Lovely images,


  2. Love these pictures! And I like your blog header, too. I totally agree with you (WHO I am)!


  3. AHH! Ireland is on my bucket list to go to before I die, i think that the stories and mood Ireland evokes is thrilling! Photos are beautiful! I'm definitely jealous haha.

    Chide of


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