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12:26 PM

L-R: Starting the day with a delicious, summery smoothie! // My baby, Scruffy <3 // A refreshing frappacino from Starbuck's! // Bright colours for the summer season // Throwback to my time as Nancy in my school's musical, 'Oliver!', with friends, Aoibheann & Jessica // My gal pal, Diana, and I on a school trip! //

I'm kind of obsessed with instagram at the moment.. I've been using it non-stop - it's a really great way to document memories! You might of already noticed that this post is a teeny bit different to my usual ones because it is. As y'all know, my life's been manic as of late (in a good way though!), so I thought I'd round up some of my favourite, more personal, instagram snaps to give you a glimpse into my c-r-a-z-y life.. Enjoy! Follow me on instagram here for more!


L-R: My current inspiration board // At a party with friends! // Nails of the day, shimmering pink! // Accessories of the day // Selfie! // On a school trip, having fun with friends // Breakfast // COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS UNTIL I SAW BEYONCÉ LIVE IN CONCERT, OMG! // Memories.. throwback to my time as Nancy in 'Oliver!' // Reading material and 2 of my fave nail polishes // My Nana and I <3 // Inspiring quote // New nail polish // Playing dress-up as a kid // Reading Chanel's biography //

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  1. I love this inspiration is amazing! Keep up the fantastic work on your blog. I can't wait to see what you post next.

  2. I am obsessed with instagram too :D
    great photos!

    mind too follow each other via gfc?


  3. Cute photos! :) cute dog! :)

  4. AAAA so cute pics!We love your dog and you as a cute:)))
    -Audrey & Pearl

  5. You were such a cutie when you were a kid! Hehee love the pics.

  6. I love the effects on your photos, and its great to see what you have been up to! :)
    P.S I love the red dress on you! :)

  7. I love the red dress, and you were so super cute in that princess costume when you were younger! :) And I love the bright yellow bag!!! :)

  8. Hi! thanks for the response.. you know I really like your picture! :)

  9. Cute Photos! Proves the saying that they are worth a thousand words ;)

  10. Oh my god that dog is adorable!! :)



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