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Okay, okay, so I may have borrowed one of America's Next Top Model's most significant tag lines for the title of this post... Why you ask? Because this is for all you aspiring models out there! Keep reading as I have some really great advice direct from top model scout, Leah Hibbert and four up and coming fresh faces on the international modeling scene!

I had the chance to talk with 4 of the semi-finalists who were scouted at Dundrum Town Centre as part of the Elite Model Look UK 2013 earlier this year. Watch the video below for their advice on breaking into the industry, and where they dish the gossip on taking part in such an prestigious modeling competition!

Speaking with Leah gave me incredible insight into what modeling agencies look for in a potential model, who they scout from as young as 14 years old. Personally, I have changed so much since I was 14 (I'm now 16), so what is it that screams, 'I have model potential', to the eyes of such esteemed model scouts? This is a question I posed to Leah.

She said, 'There are certain aesthetic credentials that we look for, one of them being great height.' This is a feature that stands out to model scouts such as Leah, as well as shoe size, 'If we see a girl who is 14 and 5"7 or 5"8, with a shoe size of 6,7 or 8, she's probably going to grow taller.' She also noted that they look at the parents, and the aesthetics of any brothers and sisters, as this will also determine the possible future looks of any young aspiring model. 'Things like symmetry of the face, that doesn't really change, and that is a really key thing which we look for.'

Body shape is probably  the thing that changes the most between the ages of 14 and 18, particularly for girls. 'Sometimes we look at how the body shape is evolving naturally, and if you don't have a natural 'model shape', then maybe it's not for you.' Body shape changes and no girl should be asked to lose weight to become a model, this is something Leah really put emphasis on. 'We have to accept our limitations. I don't think it's necessary to ask a girl to bring down her size or work on her measurements if she's not naturally like that.'

When it comes to standing out amidst other models, personality is key! 'At the end of the day, what's going to stand out is an amazing personality. I'm not saying walk in doing kart wheels or star jumps, something as simple as asking a question shows interest in the industry. Maybe do a little bit of studying on the magasines you like, say the photographers you are enjoying at the moment, maybe the last Celine collection was your favourite on the catwalk? Showing a keen interest and passion for the fashion industry will really assist you in standing out from the other models.'

Keep appearance really simple and make-up to a minimum. 'We are looking for natural beauty, if you show up caked in make-up any agency will ask you to go into the bathrooms and take it off. We have our wipes on hand!' The main thing is to remain as natural as possible, keep your hair tidy and dress in a simple yet chic ensemble - it can be something as simple as a tank top and a well fitted pair of jeans!

If you are an aspiring model, but have no idea how to go about following your dream, start by asking friends or family to assist you in taking some simple polaroid shots in natural light, without flash. Dress in skinny jeans or leggings to show off your body shape and keep make-up to the bare minimum. Keep your hair natural - if it's curly, leave it curly! Pop on some heels, watch your posture and you're ready to go! 'That's really all we need. Every agency has a call time which is usually between 10 and 12 in the morning and anyone can call in! You'll quickly fill out a form, they'll take your height and measurements as well as some polaroid shots of their own and then it's either a yes or a no. No worries if you can't seem to make the call time though, just send your own polaroids in!' Easy as 1, 2, 3! Research agencies online to find out some more information and then you're ready to go!

A great website for aspiring models is LUXE Models, which will be a huge help in assisting you in your quest for model stardom providing you with some great tips for breaking into the industry! Check it outtttt!


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