Barefoot & Free

3:25 PM

Sequin Jacket - 
Tulle Skirt - Ebay
Bracelets - Assorted 
Shoes - BCBGeneration
Hoop Earrings - Penneys

I'm currently writing this article sat on my veranda while sipping an ice-cold glass of water and looking out onto the majestic mountains and valleys of the Costa Del Sol. Most of you will know that I recently moved to Spain (just last Thursday, actually!!) so I thought it would be fitting to reminisce on my last visit to my homeland before I left. The greenery of Ireland is simply breathtaking. My Dad hails from the outskirts of Westport in County Mayo on the coast of Ireland, and it is one of my favourite spots to visit for a quiet weekend away. I must admit, it was difficult leaving and emotions were running high, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I'm thrilled with the final images as I feel they epitomise Ireland's natural beauty. I had to climb over an electric fence to get into this field, which my family owns, and dodge cows while I was at it, which shows I really am a farm gal at heart, haha. The harsh contrast between the rugged greenery and my electric ensemble creates a mystical feel that shows off the true beauty of both. I have fallen in love with the tulle skirt trend, and decided to trawl ebay for one of my own recently when I came across this one! I was ideally looking for a fuller looking one but I'm still pretty happy with the one I ended up with. It perfectly compliments my sequin jacket from, which the light bounces off of beautifully, glistening in the rare Irish sun. I was at one with the earth when I opted to go bare-foot and although it sounds extremely unappealing, it was actually a very cleansing experience. I'm so happy to call such a stunning part of the world home and it's a place everyone should visit once in their lives! Climb the reek when you're at it, too ;) 

Although I now call Spain home, I already have plans to visit Ireland this summer, for an event I am buzzing with excitement for!! More about that soon. All my love, until next time...

Adios, chicas!
Hannah x

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  1. Ah, I so hope summer will come soon to my country, Romania as well. I love your outfit!


  2. Summer sunshine and sequins, what a beautiful combination. Love it Hannah.


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