Evening Light

4:43 PM

Trousers - M&S
T-shirt - French Connection
Bandeau - Penneys
Heels - River Island
Bag - Lipsy c/o GetTheLabel.com
Sunglasses - Boutique
Bracelet - Spanish Market

Feeling comfortable in what you are wearing is the most important thing in my opinion when it comes to both looking and feeling good. We quickly shot this look on our way out the other night and I'm really happy with how the final images turned out! This is the perfect combination of comfort and sophistication, the relaxed essence of my French Connection t-shirt cinched at the waist by my vintage, high waisted M&S pants, topped off with these gorgeous River Island heels achieves this beautifully. And what do you think of my bag? I am craaaazy in love with it!! It's such a simple staple and I can't stop wearing it at the moment, it goes with absolutely everything. Thank you to the kind folks at GetTheLabel.com for sending it to me, you should definitely check the website out for yourselves as it offers a new outlet to fulfil all of your online shopping needs. Outfits like such are so easy to wear and can be accessorised for any occasion, be it an evening stroll or a night on the town, there really are no limits. I'm going to quote Mean Girls by saying 'The limit does not exist!', and in this case, it really doesn't! The monochrome colour scheme instantly achieves a mature, classic look of effortless elegance which takes my chilled out vibe and makes it that bit dressier. Hopefully this will help any of you looking for a relaxed look for an evening out :)

I just got some HUGE news today and I'm so excited for this summer!!! Lots of adventures are coming up this summer and I cannot wait to share my experiences with all you guys!!! Hope you're all having an amazing day, and if not, fake a smile until it becomes real, because trust me, eventually it does! :)

Hannah x

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