Sunset in Estepona

12:43 PM

Pretty sunsets have become a guilty pleasure of mine since arriving on the shores of the Costa Del Sol, if you follow me on Instagram (here) you will completely understand this obsession. Mixtures of deep oranges, pastel pinks and sea blues have provided the perfect eye candy on almost every given evening and it's completely breathtaking. This evening saw one of the most beautiful sunsets so far, and we couldn't resist hitting the beach to admire it's undeniable beauty. I spent the evening in Estepona with my family, and wanted to be comfortable but also ready for a social event. I am loving maxi-dresses at the moment, and seem to have accumulated quite a few lately, but was under the impression that this cerise pink one may be slightly too casual for an evening out. However, I decided to tackle this and vowed to make it acceptable as it really was calling my name that night, haha. I wasn't feeling the best, and certainly did not want to spend over 3 minutes on my hair, so I quickly pinned it up into a low, side bun, added some of my favourite gold accessories, including this amaaaaazing gold Monet necklace belonging to my Mom, added my favourite summery scarf and was ready to go. It was hugely surprising to me how much everyone loved the look as it took so little time to put together and I'm so happy how effortlessly elegant it turned out. It really goes to show that seemingly everyday slouchy dresses (or any other basics for that matter), can really be transformed into something much more.

Spain is slowly starting to feel more like home. I've been missing my friends terribly but looking forward to seeing them this summer when I'll be back in Ireland for an event I am extremely, incredibly, unbelievably, madly excited for!!!! I can't wait to share the details with all of you but I have to wait a little bit longer... Anyway, I've got lots of cool posts coming up over the next few weeks so stay tuned... Aside from that, what are your opinions towards summery sunsets, and using basics for dressier looks? Let me know in the comments below :)

Lots of love, H x

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