Birthday Suit

12:00 AM

Courtesy of iClothing

Finally, I am the Big 17!!! It feels like only yesterday that I was celebrating my 13th birthday and my ascent into teenage life. Gosh, how time flies... I felt like a giddy little girl when iClothing kindly sent me these amazing goodies awhile back, and what better day to debut them then on my birthdaaaay! Jumpsuits are one of my favourite pieces of clothing, they are effortless, sexy yet sophisticated at the same time. Pair that trait with one of my all time favourite colours, cobalt blue, and voila, you've created the goddess of jumpsuits in my eyes. Hence, my excitement to share this beauty with you guys! It's such a versatile, easy-to-wear piece and was the perfect 'birthday suit'. I'm all about comfy, so these heels are a God send because of the teeny heel. I'm also loving the gold ribbon detailing, it's such a simple touch, finishing them beautifully. You all know how simple I am when it comes to accessories, I like to have a centrepiece to every look and compliment that piece with delicate jewellery, however, I made an exception for this GORGEOUS flower necklace. How cute is it?!?! It's a bit chunky for my taste and not the easiest to wear, but it's a must-have in my opinion, and is so pretty to look at. It's killing me!! ;) And that bag... Well, what can I say? I have lusted after a see-through clutch for some time now and this one is just perfection. The lace detailing really gives it an extra lift and it instantly boosts any look. Moving onto the bracelet... It's too beautiful for words. Seriously. I can't explain my new found love for it. (Hahaha, I sound so dramatic but it's true!!) 

Sorry I've been AWOL these past few days - Life has been like a roller coaster. I travelled to England at the weekend and as soon as I got back, I moved into some new accommodation and have been so busy unpacking and packing and unpacking and packing... I can't wait for us to move into our new place next month and finally feel settled again. I've also been busy planning for my trip to Dublin at the end of the month - I've got big news... I'm SO unbelievably thrilled to announce that I'll be performing at Gay Pride - I'm bursting with excitement to take the stage again!! I'll be posting updates about everything when the time comes so stay tuned!! :) I've got so many posts coming up and some more adventures too, so be sure to stay updated! Also, check out this cool article about me on SHEmazing

Lots of love as always,
Hannah xoxo

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  1. Nice pictures, I love how that jumpsuit looks on you! And congrats, hope there will be a video up so I can see the performance :)

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