Boho on the Beach

2:36 PM

Top - H&M
Pantaloons/Sandals - Boutique
Sunglasses - Spanish Market
Bag - c/o
Necklace/Earrings - Gifted

Appreciating nature is something that is really becoming part of my daily routine, everything about this place is so serene and photogenic. It's crazy that something as simple as a tree looks so great in a simple Instagram photo... How?!?! It really goes to show that we often go unappreciative of our surroundings. Since arriving on the Costa Del Sol, I have developed a strong love for the beauty of the vast green scenery I have left behind in Ireland, while also developing a deeper love for the beach and the seaside. This whole new lifestyle is really encouraging me to experiment with my style. You'd think that being in the sunshine, it would be so much easier to just throw on a string top, denim cut-off shorts and a pair of flip flops and head out the door. For me, it's the complete opposite. I'm learning about tailoring my closet to coping with the heat while at the same time, becoming much more relaxed in my daily attire. I've always been very put-together - I like fitted pieces, monochrome colour schemes, heels... You can see where I'm going with this. However, the sun's rays are really getting to me and I'm obsessing over bright colours, flowy pants, 'John Lennon' sunnies and hippy-ish pieces. I'm loving it. These pantaloons illustrate my re-invented style to a T. I like to call myself a 'hippy-ish genie' when I wear them, haha - they are so funky! Matched with a simple off-the-shoulder black crop top, these super cute sandals my Mom picked up recently, and my 'John Lennon' sunnies, it oozes a chilled, bohemian vibe that is the perfect summer look. It's quite ironic really, as summer is such a vibrant time of year, yet I'm saying that an all black look is the perfect attire, however, the flowy effect of the trousers combined with my wavy hair, and the pop of colour through my handbag, allows for the darker colour scheme and so, personally, I think it's an effortless uniform for summer

Oh, and guess what guys!? Tomorrow is my birthday!!! Mark it in your calendars ;) I'm kind of disappointed that I won't get to celebrate it with my best friends who are back home in Ireland (shout out to you ZoZo), but I'm going to make the best of my situation. I can't believe that tomorrow I'll be 17... This year has completely flown! I know I ramble on sometimes but it makes me want to fill everyday with special moments so I can look back on my life and happily say that I made every moment count. I'm going on a fun adventure this weekend as a cousin of mine is tying the knot, but where to?? Follow my live updates on Instagram here, I'll be sharing every minute of fun :) 

Lots of love,
H x

On another note, I'd like to congratulate up and coming Irish designer, Maria Lola Roche, on being nominated as one of the top five for the 'The Designer for Tomorrow Award' and will be representing Ireland in the competition, with Tommy Hilfiger on the jury this year, along with editors of Vogue. It's great to see another Irish girl doing so well, and so best of luck Maria! 

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