Rose Petals

2:40 PM

Shoes - Clarks
Dress/Bracelet - Market
Bag - Unknown
Earrings - c/o Stella & Dot
Scarf - c/o Mosaic World Designs

Rich reds, deep purples and vibrant oranges are some of my favourite summer hues, all especially complimentary towards each other. When putting together evening looks in summertime, we often treat them no different to how we would any other time of year, thus, falling back into our old habits of simply playing it safe with ones favourite LBD. Why do we do this though? Is it the fear of looking like a walking bouquet? Haha, we all think that... Well, I wanted to try something vibrant, yet simple and classy, and I think this look achieves just that. The floral pattern of this easy-to-wear summer dress creates a central piece that oozes the vibrancy of summer, complimented by the warmth of my shoes and pashmina scarf, finished with a touch of deep purple through my clutch. Accessories really aren't necessary but to finish it off, I added some gold hoops and a gold floral bracelet. I'm kind of becoming obsessed with wearing flowers in my hair - I think it adds a really casual, beachy vibe to any look - Quite different to my signature quiff. I think it's really important to change things up once and awhile, combat your usual ways and try something different, yolo ;) 

I have had the craziest week - It's such a long story that I've decided not to bore you with it, however, it means that my internet is very, very intermittent, so updates might not be as regular for the next couple of days but I'm not going to let it stop me! Hope you're all enjoying your Wednesday!

Love, H x

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