10:04 PM

Shoes - Clarks
Sunglasses - Penneys
Culotte Playsuit - Vintage
Necklace - Spanish Market
Torc Bangle -
Earrings - Stella & Dot
Bag - New Look

How is it September already?! With this new month comes a new season and with it, the end of summer... *sigh*. Being back home in Ireland for the time being means back to wearing warm fuzzy jumpers and oversized winter coats. I love winter because of the styling fun one can have with layering, however, I'm a summer baby and do miss the longer days and the sunshine terribly... But never fear, I still have a couple more articles for you guys from before I left the Costa Del Sol - including this one :) 

It can actually be quite hard to remain stylish in the sunshine, especially when it's in heat of up to 40 degrees, but as you all know, I love challenging my inner fashionista and tackling small challenges like such head on. Playsuits and culottes are great pieces for the holiday weather, particularly when it comes in the form of a culotte playsuit! I'm crazy about this vintage cross-back one, which my Mom gave to me. It's so simple but such a classic staple that exudes effortless elegance. Definitely a favourite in my summer wardrobe, and one that I can easily wear over and over! The wonderful thing is that it can actually be re-worked for winter too, add a pair of thick black tights, a slick blazer and a pair of stilettos and, voila! I decided to pair it with my orange slice clutch bag thanks to the lovely ladies of the New Look PR team - I find it a great way of combatting my (extremeleyyy) weird phobia of oranges without going near an actual orange, haha. I can't believe I'm actually telling you guys about this strange phobia of mine so... moving on. 

I've got lots of events to attend over the next couple of weeks from Dublin Fashion Festival to designer launches, so I'm going to have lots of cool updates for you. So make sure you stay tuned. Plus; As you know, the primary reason I'm back on the Emerald Isle is because of my music... and I'm so happy to say that my single is nearly finished!!! I'm soooo pumped and brimming with nerves and excitement to share it with you all, I just have to wait a teeeeeny bit longer ;) I promise that posts will be more regular from now on too. :) 

All my love,
H x

P.S. With Dublin Fashion Festival comes lots of fun events for all you Irish fashion lovers out there, find out what's going to be taking place this weekend on their website here:!

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  1. What a great outfit! I love how you've spiced up the look with the colourful accessories! I would't say I have a phobia of oranges, but I'm not a big fan either, the texture of them when they've been peeled makes my skin crawl!!

    Joanne |

  2. Hannah, this post is amazing!

  3. Absolutely loveee the bag!! So Cute!

  4. Cute bag. Can't wait to see pics from the festival.

  5. Stunning Pictures! And I really love the accessories that you are wearing, especially that cute little orange slice clutch!
    Yes summer did go by fast this year, but then again so does anything that we truly enjoy!

    Tragic Couturist


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