Tata Naka SS15 :: LFW #2

11:12 AM

Above image via Vogue.com

A black and white minimalistic setup in a classic central London setting of exuberant eleganceThe Senate Rooms in the Royal Academy of Arts provided the perfect setting which complemented the Tata Naka Spring/Summer 2015 collection beautifully - The ceiling designs were simply exquisite and the stark contrast of old-school glamour against the fresh, edgy designs oozed cool. Simple sexiness and fun-loving summery prints combined with a modern twist on classic cuts equalled a breath-taking collection. It was my first ever fashion week presentation, and I was buzzing with excitement but also kind of nervous and unsure of what to expect. Fashion week season has always drawn me in, I'm always constantly glued to Instagram and the world wide web throughout each of the 'Big 4', hanging on every update eager to see what new sensation has been sent down the runway. But actually witnessing the reveal of masterpieces that have been meticulously meddled over and dreamt up by such talented designers is a completely different story and one that's such a magical experienceTamara and Natasha Surguladze, the twin-sister force behind this incredible brand showcased a range of innovative geometric curved designs, that, although very edgy and fun, still remained perfectly classy. There was an eclectic mix of colours and patterns, from minimal pieces of rich creams, blacks and sharp whites to funky florals, bright blues and mustard yellows. I was in awe of just about every piece showcased and was thoroughly impressed. I'm really looking forward to seeing their vision grow into the future and to see what they will present next season. Can't wait to share more from my trip with you guys later this week, hope you're enjoying my updates :)

xoxo, Hannah

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  1. Amazing designs!!! Structured to perfection xxx
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    Message me on insta -- insta@mlleepaulettegirl.com

  2. love the dresses and shoes

  3. This collection is timeless; in love with the black and white dresses!



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