The Fashion Cafe :: LFW #4

9:59 PM

Alexandra Alberta
Ross & Brown Sunglasses
Jess Collett Milliner
La Corza Jewellery
SOWA Menswear
Tina Sparkle

Luxury brands epitomising a fresh sense of elegance showcased in a most innovative manner equalled 'The Fashion Cafe' at London Fashion Week, presented by Avant-Premiere at 'The Showroom Presents...', Unit 1, 25 Effie Road, Fulham, SW6 1EL, in the heart of London City. Waiters enticed attendees with delicious, mouth-watering h'orderves and fresh, zesty drinks were on hand to quench guests' thirst. I was really excited to mingle with the designers and discuss their collections with each of them. There were a few brands that particularly stood out to me such as Ross & Brown, Tina Sparkle, La Corza and Sowa Menswear, whose concept I found riveting. Tomek Sowacki, the man behind the designs talked to me about how he is going about revolutionising menswear by bridging the gap between mens tailoring and functional sportswear. "Sowa is a luxury sports brand that compliments the lifestyle of the modern gentlemen", and I was thoroughly impressed by the designs presented. Simple and classic, yet comfortable and super stylish - I'm personally really looking forward to the future of this brand, and found that the pieces, although menswear, even appealed to my own taste.

Talking to Tina, the creative mind behind Tina Sparkle, I fast became infatuated with her scarves. I am a self-professed scarf lover anyway, I find them so easy to wear and a staple piece that can transform any look in a matter of seconds, but her interesting patterns are so vibrant and fun, and instantly stood out to me. They are eye-catching but effortlessly simple at the same time. She is definitely another designer to watch in my eyes, and such a lovely lady too!

Chic, elegant millinery by the gorgeous Jess Collett was also on display, as well as stunning jewellery by Alexandra Alberta, who's collection is all about natural, organic jewels presented in a truly beautiful way, along with a range of exquisite jewellery by La Corza, a brand inspired by the earth's natural elements. When chatting with the designer, AnnaMarie Sabo, I was fascinated learning about how she creates her pieces using natural elements such as seaweed and turning them into beautiful rings and other accessories. I really enjoyed speaking with her and learning about such an interesting brand. :)
Finally, as I was leaving the event, I found myself stopping to gaze in awe of my personal weakness: sunglasses, which I soon discovered were by Italian brand, Ross & Brown. I loved talking to co-founder Mattia Carisi and learning about the different styles and frames, which are all based around a place at a particular moment in time, such as Paris in the '50s, Firenze in the '60s and St. Tropez in the '70s. It was so encouraging to see someone so invested in their brand and the excitement a new venture like such brings! I met so many inspiring people - it's so invigorating to meet such diligent designers that are so invested in their craft. I had such a wonderful night! Enjoy the photos :)

Sorry that I've been M.I.A this past week - I was so sick last weekend and was good for nothing, it really tired me out - but I found that I really needed a few days to re-cooperate from how busy things have been lately. SO many exciting times are ahead, can't wait to share more with you!!! Get ready for the final posts from my London trip as well as more sun, sea and sand...


Thank you to Avant-Premiere for inviting me and for such an incredible evening!

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