Chupi AW14 in Dublin

9:22 AM

Hey beauties! If you follow me on ma' instagram, you'll know that during my last trip to Ireland, I happily previewed Chupi's A/W 14 collection and today I want to share some photos from it with you. I had not been previously introduced to the brand so I was thrilled to see the collection and meet the designer herself, and the fact that she's an Irish designer made it all the more exciting! I was really impressed with how chic the collection was, while also maintaining an earthy, more bohemian vibe. The pieces are so delicate: it's clear how much love and care has been put into the production of each piece of art because of the intricate detailing. I also love how there is something for everyone, from simple gold pendants, to slightly more outrageous snake bracelets - Yet whatever you choose will still ooze effortless elegance. Also for guests to enjoy were the most deeeee-licious mini-crossiants. I can still remember the sweet taste on my lips even though it was well over a month ago #theywereobviouslyreallygood.

On another note, I am buzzing like a giddy little kid today because one of my very best friends from Ireland is coming to visit me!! I really can't wait to have a fun weekend here in Marbella with her so stop my insta to see what fun we get up to! Something truly amazing also happened for me yesterday... I was paid my first songwriting royalties ever... EVER. It was literally just a couple of euros but the significance far exceeds that for me. I'm happy like a clam, you guys!! SO MUCH is coming with my music. I have been working on my very first single this summer and have so much planned for it's release... I can't contain myself! One thing that's so important though is to never let the bad times in your life stop you from achieving your biggest aspirations and dreams. I have not talked much about my personal life on my blog but I have had a really tough past 5 years with my health, but the grass is always greener on the other side, and fighting through your struggles and WINNING is so much better than letting them consume you. Always remember that. #positivemindpositivelife.

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.”

– Kenji Miyazawa.

Adios amigos,
Hannah xo

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