A Walk On Griffith Avenue

2:30 AM

OOTD: Sunglasses - River Island // Scarf - EAST Additions // Coat - Vintage // Rings - Primark // Shoes - BCBGeneration //

Happy Easter, my loves!! I know what I'm most looking forward to this weekend... Eating LOTS of chocolate. I have been really into detoxing lately and heathy eating on a whole but I've got to admit, I am salivating at the prospect of indulging a little. You just can't beat Easter eggs... What have you got planned for this holiday weekend? (Eating lots of chocolate I hope!!!) I have been running around like a headless chicken lately, working on bringing some of my visions to life and all will be revealed in the next couple of weeks... I know I have been very vague about all of this in my past few articles but seriously guys, I AM SO FREAKIN' EXCITED. I can't even attempt to put into words how pumped I am about everything that is going on at the moment, and it's so difficult keeping this under wraps, but trust me, it will be worth it! (I hope, at least ;))

There is so much to do in preparation that I haven't had much time to shoot since arriving back on Spanish shores, but don't worry, I have some posts to keep this lil' blog of mine fresh! We shot these images at one of my favourite locations in Dublin, which is Griffith Avenue. We were in the city for meetings and I also managed to swing by the Giorgio Armani Beauty Innovations event in Brown Thomas, which I was thrilled about. I have had to turn down so many invitations lately because of music commitments here in Spain so the fact that I was home when this was taking place was such a bonus for me! I had the chance to observe international make-up artist, Thoa Tran, who is truly gifted at painting faces. I have a beauty post in relation to this coming up soon so I will talk a bit more about that then!

I spent many hours of my childhood sitting in traffic, travelling to and fro' a number of destinations via Griffith Avenue, always gazing out onto the street people watching. There is just something about the grandeur of the trees on this street, and how they stand so elegantly and tall in the midst of such busyness. They really bring the street to life and it has always been one of my favourite places to shoot. It was pretty nerve-wracking to say the least when I was first starting out with blogging, as each individual passer by so willingly took on the role of an audience member at the 'Hannah's Fashion Blog photo-shoot'. At first, it absolutely terrified me but now, I simply ease into a world of my own and I find it so fascinating to think how much I have grown thanks to blogging.

Sorry for waffling on... Its 2:30 AM here in Spain so I'm probably slightly goggle-eyed and in need of sleep, haha. Before I shut down for the night, I want to wish you a magical Easter weekend, filled with lots of fun, love and plenty of yummy Easter eggs!

As always,
H x

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