BTS: Shooting In San Pedro

6:47 PM

Hey, my loves! How are you all enjoying this glorious weekend?? I kicked mine off yesterday evening with a photoshoot on San Pedro beach, on the outskirts of Marbella. If you follow me on instagram (@HannahHawkshaw), you'll know that the beach is my happy place. I love nothing more than to breath in the fresh, beachy air... the feeling of the sand crunching between my toes... and the sound of palm trees swaying in the sweet summer breeze. 

We shot a total of 3 looks for a special project, each very different to the other. The evening light was so perfect for shooting and although I was absolutely freezing by the time the shoot was over, it was so much fun. In the car on our way back, my mum and I were talking and realised that since spending more time on the Costa Del Sol, we have become accustomed to the warmer weather. I mean, it was 18°Celcius yesterday evening and I was cold! 

Haha, I hope you enjoy the behind the scenes photos. :)

Talk soon,
H x

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