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OOTD: Jacket - Boohoo.com // Shoes - Boohoo.com // Trousers - Vintage Marks & Spencer // Black & Gold Bracelet - Vintage // Bag - Next // Sunglasses - River Island

Hey guys! I have literally had the craaaaziest day. My iPhone decided that it didn't want to turn on for me this morning and after about 3 hours of hopelessly wishing for it to come on while constantly checking it on charge, I knew something wasn't right. As a result, it meant dropping everything that I had planned to tackle on my to-do list and venture up to my nearest Apple store in the hopes of bringing my constant companion back to life. (Yes, I can be a tad dramatic at times. Haha.) I knew that they work off of an appointment basis but still I was advised to turn up and just pray that they could fit me in. After another 3 hours or so, the lovely gentlemen that was helping me out managed to fit me in, and alas, my phone is now back to it's usual state thanks to him working his magic! All I can say is thank you, Juan! Now that I've filled you in on today's adventures, let's talk clotheeeees!

I'm doing another throwback style post today to share this outfit from Christmas time with you guys. Does it give you that festive feeling? Haha, it totally does for me! This sequin blazer from boohoo.com has been a favourite in my wardrobe for quite sometime, and I really have no idea why I never featured it before... Craziness on my part I guess. As it's such an eye-grabbing jacket, I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple, and so I wore a pair of classic black cropped trousers with a soft-peplum lace top. The colour combination of black and gold is one of my favourites but I can never help myself when it comes to colour popping; Adding some vibrancy makes every outfit that much better in my opinion, and so I opted for this adorable Next bag with matching red heels. I also decided to wear a stunning vintage bracelet which my Mom has given me, a black and gold colour scheme with some delicate diamond stones. Although it's an outfit I wore during the festive season, it's actually pretty transitional and would be a great, sophisticated option for a night out. I hope you like it as much as I do! 

Talk soon,
H x

P.S. Psssst, from now on I will be posting not once, not twice, but every weekday! So make sure to check back every evening for your daily HFB fix! x x x

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  1. Love the shoes they are amazing!

  2. Love the matching of the shoes to the purse. Cute xx



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