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Hello lovelies!

So today is another busy one... As always! However, I wanted to quickly share another unique addition to my costume for the GISF, which were these seriously insane sneakers. I mean, WHAT CAN I SAY?! {And yes, capital letters are completely and utterly necessary because they are just so pretty.} I literally have no words.

I'm generally not that into sneakers but I knew from day 1 that I wanted to wear a pair for my performance at the GISF, so the challenge I set myself was to put my own spin on such a classic shoe. Thankfully I discovered the amazing Bling Bling Boutique in Marbella, where I talked with Nance the owner about creating something special and unique to me. As a result of our glitzy conversation, I went out and bought a pair of brand new Nike Air Force 1's which she then completely transformed into these beauties. She even personalised them by adding my HH initials and I just can't get enough of them!! What do you guys think? :)

Also, keep an eye on my instagram @HannahHawkshaw today as something exciting is happening later!

Talk soon,
H x

As they were being worked on! :) Images via Bling Bling Boutique Instagram.

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