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Hey guys! Today's post is going to be a short one as it's my 18th birthday! I'm now finally an adult in the eyes of the law, which is pretty crazy but I'm excited to close one chapter and start the next on the biggest journey of all: Life. I woke up this morning to find my bedroom transformed into a memory hub and a sea of pink; with printed photos of my most cherished memories hung from the ceiling of my room, along with gifts and massive pink '18' birthday balloons! 

I was then whisked away to the amazingly stunning Tarifa, which is a beach location in the province of Cadiz, in southern Spain, a.k.a surfer's paradise. On our way to Tarifa, we stopped at an adorable American Bistro and had the most delicious breakfast, mine being pancakes. I couldn't move afterwards I indulged so much! Then we hit the road which led us to our hotel in Tarifa which is gorgeously bohemian, and where I am writing from right now. We got back from dinner a little while ago and after a day of sand, sea and sun, I am so ready for some much needed beauty sleep! These snaps are simply to give you a sneak peak at my day - More coming next week! Hope you all have a magical weekend! 

Talk soon,
H x

Just a few of the wonderful photos hung around my room - It really doesn't do it justice!

Our super yummy breakfast this morning!
The entrance to our home for the night here in Tarifa.I couldn't have asked to spend my birthday in any better way, having enjoyed it at my very favourite place: The beach.

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