11:34 PM

Hey guys! This isn't the post I had planned for today and I'm so sorry for not posting yesterday, but I haven't been too well. I was fine until yesterday afternoon when my left eye decided to blow up like a balloon which threw my schedule completely as I had to go to the doctors. Not entirely sure what happened but I had an injection and it seemed to sort things out. However, this evening when I sat at my computer to review tonight's post I noticed a red mark on my left eyelid and I haven't been feeling too well. So (for once in my life), I think I should listen to my body and have a reasonably early, social media free evening... Even though I know that's probably not going to happen, haha.

So tonight, I thought I would share some instagrams from my Tarifa birthday trip! Just casual, summery snaps from around our hotel :) Hope you like them! Normal posts will resume tomorrow.

Talk soon,
H x

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