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OOTD: Dress - Hollister / Heels - Local Boutique / Necklace - iClothing.ie / Bag - Primark

Hey guys! It’s kind of crazy but I turn 18 in less than 4 hours! It’s almost 1am here in Spain (Gosh, I really am a night owl!), and I’ve just about finished packing for a surprise overnight trip that my mum and sister have planned for tomorrow. I found it so difficult to pack not knowing what’s in store but I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time with them. Things have been so hectic lately (in a good way, of course!), so it will be nice to switch off and unwind for the next couple of days. Make sure to follow my instagram @hannahhawkshaw as I’ll be filling you in on all the surprises that are in store!

You’ll notice a common theme between these photos and my last post - The stunning purple flowers! I am so obsessed with their vibrancy and the fun factor they add to any photo. My birthday generally signifies the start of summer for me and I guess my style has picked up on it too, as I am feeling so colourful at the moment. Bright colours, bold prints and pretty florals are all things that I can’t wait to experiment more with over the summer months! This gorgeous turquoise green dress is from Hollister and it’s actually my sister’s (I mean, what are sister’s for if not sharing clothes?!), and I absolutely love it. It’s so easy to wear and so playful, and the off the shoulder look is a favourite of mine so for me; It really is the perfect summer day dress. I accessorised with even more colour by adding an eye-catching floral bag and a beautiful floral necklace in my favourite shade of orange. It’s such a summery piece! Also, I’m SO obsessed with blue eyeshadow at the moment. I’m generally not one for beauty but since my makeup artist on my music video shoot used a blue eyeshadow on me I can’t get enough of it. Do you like it?

Anyway, I’ve got an early start tomorrow morning so it’s time for me to turn in as I reallllyyyy need my beauty sleep! I'll try to avoid starting into adulthood with huge bags under my eyes, lol. Don’t forget to follow all of my birthday updates on instagram @hannahhawkshaw! :D

Talk soon,
H x

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