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OOTD: Kimono - Penneys / Shorts - Bershka / Flip-flops - Hollister

Hey, my friends! I'm currently looking out onto a sea of fluffy clouds, soaring through the skies on my way to the starting destination of this crazy adventure I'm about to embark on. I'm not going to reveal where I'm off to just yet, but I promise, I will when I get there ;) The fact that one is actually able to connect to wi-fi in the sky is quite amazing, and I'm so grateful for it right now seeing as I'm not even half-way into my overall journey. I'm talking over 16 hours of travelling and MAJOR jet-lag in store for me, haha, but still, I can't wait!!!

I wanted to share some images with you today from my birthday trip to Tarifa a couple weeks ago. I think they perfectly portray the beautiful bliss that was the downtime was for me. I fell in love with the surroundings of our hotel and as a result, we decided to spend our second day there just relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. If you're looking to hibernate for a few days, I would highly suggest visiting Tarifa. From the sandy beaches to the really chilled out vibes the beach resort oozes, it really is a surfer's paradise! (And also a paradise for those who don't yet surf, like me ;)) There's also a vlog of my birthday trip coming soon :)) 

Hope you enjoy the photos! Be warned: There's a really crazy one of my sister that should give you a chuckle. 

See you at my next destination!!! :) 

Talk soon,
H x


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  1. Love this post - but where am I in the pics ?????


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