10:40 PM

Hey guys! So I really can't believe it... Right now I'm sat writing this post for you in Las Vegas... Yep, LAS VEGAS! This is only the first stop on this major adventure... I'm here in Vegas for the No Excuses 6 Summit, which is a really big conference taking place in relation to online marketing, which is another passion of mine. I'm really excited to be here and to have the opportunity to connect with some rockstars in this business and I plan to learn as much as possible! Follow my instagram here for updates.

I took this photo yesterday morning upon waking up in the beautiful Boulder City. I mean, how stunning is this view of Lake Mead?! Someone pinch me, please...

Lots of updates coming! The next 3 days at the conference will be crazy though so bear with me in relation to blog posts hehe :)

Talk soon,
H x

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