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SOOOOOOO... I'M IN LONDON! Very excited to be back in this incredibly cool city. I'm only here for a few days, and for an extremely exciting project - To record my next single! I'm actually in the studio right now as I write this, the musical atmosphere has got my creative juices flowing and I wanted to update you guys, as I haven't done so in waaaaaay too long.

Things have just been so crazy. From being whisked to America for the trip of a lifetime (photos coming soon) to releasing my single and first ever music video, it's been a manic couple of months, so I apologise for the lack of updates. I can't even begin to explain how happy I am to be in the studio again! This trip was actually supposed to have taken place a couple of months ago but had to be pushed back because of how busy things were. I'm so pumped to be bringing another one of my songs to life and can't wait for it to be finished so I can share it with you all :) All of my hard work is finally paying off and thanks to coming third in the GISF, this trip has been made possible :)

In other news, I explored Camden Market yesterday with my girl, Tasha, and it was so much fun. She's my mum's oldest friends' daughter and oh my gosh, we get on like a house on fire. We're both crazy so we're a match made in heaven, hahaha. :) Here are some photos from our Camden adventure! Hope you enjoy them! Definitely hit up Camden Market if you're in London, it's so hip and trendy - I have no doubt that you'll enjoy exploring all it has to offer :) Outfit post coming in the next few days ;) 

Hope you have an awesome day and more exciting updates to come, along with a new YouTube collaboration which goes live TOMORROW!! 


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