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Hey loves! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! This is definitely one of my favourite holidays - I love dressing up and seeing everyone go all out for such a spook-tacular evening. Are you dressing up tonight? Make sure to follow my snapchat and instagram (both @hannahhawkshaw) to see what I get up to and how my Halloween makeup turns out... We shall see, lol. 

Anyway, today I wanted to share with you some more photos from my American road trip and our stop off at Huntington Beach. My cousin, Caity, was an absolute gem and helped me out with documenting my adventure so, shoutout to you Caity for putting up with my countless photo requests!! ;)

We shot these under Huntington Beach's famous pier. It was my first time splashing around in the Pacific Ocean and enjoying the Californian lifestyle. Definitely want to return again soon! 

I hope you guys are enjoying reliving my American adventure with me :) 

Have a great Halloween, stay safe! 


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