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Christmas has always been my favourite time of year... (which is surprising considering I'm a summer baby and have an intense innate desire to roam the beaches of the world) but Christmas is undeniably the most wonderful time of the year in my opinion.

Spending quality time with loved ones... Decorating the Christmas tree while listening to festive holiday classics and overdoing it in the food department... Looking forward to Santa's visit on Christmas Eve... Not to mention snuggling up with a hot chocolate while watching re-runs of your favourite Christmas movies! It's a time to relax, unwind, and simply appreciate the special people in your life...

Today I wanted to share Marks & Spencer's latest Christmas campaign with you! If you've been following me for awhile, you'll know that Marks & Spencer is a brand that I have featured frequently on the blog, like here, here and here, because of how much I genuinely love it. I grew up loving it's elegant, affordable ranges...  and I always used to steal M&S pieces from my Mum's wardrobe! Fun memories... :)

You'll know that I generally only post my personal outfits and adventures here on Hawk Eye View, but seeing as Christmas is coming up and I know you guys will be looking for gifts for your loved ones, I thought that you would enjoy this video! Plus I really love 'The Art Of Christmas' idea. The video is so uplifting and really embodies the excitement that everyone is feeling at this time of year and so I hope you enjoy it. Might give you some ideas as to what to get those special people in your life :) I must say... I am kind of in awe of that giant handbag!! ;)

You can stay updated on all things Marks & Spencer's by following them on Instagram here & Facebook here.

Talk to you soon,
Hannah xo

This post has been sponsored by Marks & Spencer, but all thoughts are my own. I never endorse any brand that I don't believe in!

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